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Tastes just like chicken
As one of the "tamer" preds - that is, smart and knows not to cause trouble - owned by the Project, Renaud sometimes gets taken to "Meet the preds" exhibits.

They don't talk about that one time he slipped the leash and came back with a smug expression and a suspiciously bulgy belly. His keepers whistled casually and looked the other way later when he coughed up a remarkably well preserved sign and the remains of a chicken costume. These things will happen when you work with a 500-pound fox. They've seen worse.
At the trainyard
I didn't believe it when they said dragons could eat anything.  Then, that day, I saw it happen.

Pinned under the rubble, I saw it swallow four passenger cars full of screaming people, each car so much wider than its head it had to disjoint its jaws like a snake. The long rectangular shapes stood out in its long neck as they slid beneath its scales.  Gradually, the screaming was muffled.

A few people clambered from the cars, and it snapped them up in an almost disinterested way. They were just crumbs compared to the main meal.  Thankfully it did not see me, or didn't care.

When it belched I smelled hot metal and a smell like a barbecue. Then, gorged, it flapped laboriously into the distance.

The news says they didn't find it.  Somewhere it's denned up, digesting its meal of metal and meat.  It will be back when it's hungry again.  And it's not even the biggest dragon to attack the city.

I can't ride the elevated train now.  I trust the subway more, and only take the lines that never come above ground.  And I pray none of the dragons can burrow, because in my dreams I see those bulges moving down the dragon's neck, and hear those slowly muffled screams as the long jaws close.

I keep meaning to do a comic where a dragon swallows a train.  Chances are I'll do it as a vertical strip comic soon.
Norbert and Kathy
Norbert makes quite a good couch for sunbathing or reading, as long as he likes you. He likes his keeper Kathy quite a lot, so there's no issue there. On the other hand, he didn't like those two college students at all, so they ended up as some of the padding on that couch. Sacrifices have to be made to create a really comfy reading spot, after all.

Skunk-snakes are odd and deceptively dangerous creatures that resemble a legless skunk stretched to ten or more feet in length. They are slow moving and often quite plump, denning in an underground lair appropriated from some other animal, usually one the skunk-snake overpowered and ate.

While they are capable of strong constriction, their chief method of attack is by ambush with their musk spray. Unlike a true skunk, their spray is not a scent-based defense, but is a nearly odorless, clinging fluid that contains a powerful weakening agent to which they themselves are immune. It can be sprayed more than twenty feet and if sufficient skin contact occurs incapacitation is almost instant. The victim is awake and can feel everything that happens, and perhaps move slightly, but is simply too weak to resist.

Skunk-snakes will attack solitary humans, or rarely a small group if all can be sprayed at once. Once prey – be it wildlife up to the size of a small bear or a human – is sufficiently weakened by their spray to be unable to resist the skunk-snake will slither out of concealment and work its broad, snakey jaws over its meal. A skunk-snake's lengthy stomach can easily accommodate an entire adult human – one large specimen in rural Pennsylvania was captured because it had swallowed a family of four, plus their dog, at a picnic outing and was too gorged to slither away before it was discovered.

Once their meal or meals is consumed the creature will slither back to its den, where it can take a week or more to digest its prey. Skunk-snake dens have been found to contain regurgitated clothing, money, cell phones and other indigestibles.

The recommended procedure for determining if a skunk-snake is active in an area is find an area where a track or trail can be overlooked from a distance, then send a solitary jogger or hiker – favored prey of the creatures – along the trail to bait it out. Swift response is necessary if an attack takes place since a large skunk-snake can swallow a human in only a few minutes, or may drag it back to its lair for ingestion.

Fortunately, skunk-snakes are territorial and cannibalistic, which keeps their numbers at a manageable level. They sometimes appear in areas where none were previously encountered, and recent research has determined that very rarely a skunk-snake may be born to a normal skunk mother, and after devouring its siblings, parents, and any other skunks in the den makes its way off to an independent existence.


Note: Several of the images in the series, including the first one, are X rated and thus cannot be posted here.  Don't click on the link if the thought of bunny penor or skunkiesnake naughty bits disturbs you.

Well, the full series so far.  I have at least three more images planned in this series.  Nyoka lucks out and gets to be in my longer image series because she is so easy to draw.  83
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United States
I am a furry artist who found the community whilst in Alaska and now live in California. Had I found it years earlier I might be a happier person, but these days my life is the best it's ever been. I primarily focus on vore and zoo art, the latter of which of course will rarely appear here.

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