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Ripper-Suzy-Swift vore chain (color)
Suzyanne the skunkette had gotten the drop on Swift the tigress and was methodically swallowing her whole when who should happen by but Ripper the wolverine.

Now, Ripper is one of Swift's feral lovers and likes her a lot, to the point of not eating her even though he knows she will reform. But if anyone is going to be coughing up tiger fur tomorrow it's going to be him! Of course Suzy might disgorge Swift in an effort to escape but she's as stubborn as the wolverine. This is all only going to end only one way and it's with Ripper belching and hoping Swift doesn't mind too much being digested again. After all, she was lunch already and at least this way there'll be a whole lot of skunkette fur mixed in with the tigress hairball.
Amber Lion pic 2 (color)
Amber Lions are amazing companions and lovers, but if you don't work out as an owner, or you threaten an owner they do like, you may find out what their gooey innards are like. In fact they make terrific body disposals, because absolutely nothing identifiable is left when they are done absorbing someone.
Honey and Jenna
Jenna the moneychanger and Honey the amber lion a couple of years after she "opted out" of the family business.

Normally Amber Lions are limited to four hours in Lion form a day (the rest being spent as an amber figurine) but Honey has a magical collar that allows him to stay in Lion form at all times.  He and Jenna are close companions and he is her mount, shop guard and bedmate. Really, he is the perfect companion, being endlessly loyal and by far the best lover she's ever had.  Amber Lions were, after all, designed as sex toys. The one thing he can't do is talk, and Jenna is thinking about paying a wizard to cast Awaken Intelligence on him to make him fully intelligent and (hopefully) able to talk - though she isn't sure it will work, since he's a magical construct and not an animal.

Note: Several of the images in the series, including the first one, are X rated and thus cannot be posted here.  Don't click on the link if the thought of bunny penor or skunkiesnake naughty bits disturbs you.

Well, the full series so far.  I have at least three more images planned in this series.  Nyoka lucks out and gets to be in my longer image series because she is so easy to draw.  83
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United States
I am a furry artist who found the community whilst in Alaska and now live in California. Had I found it years earlier I might be a happier person, but these days my life is the best it's ever been. I primarily focus on vore and zoo art, the latter of which of course will rarely appear here.

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