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Renaud - the leash (color)
[i]They'd never given Renaud a woman on a leash before.  Oh, he'd chased down more than a few, or had others come to him of their own free will.  But a toy on a leash?  He had some ideas what to do with that.

Maybe she'd cooperate.  Maybe he'd let her go if she did, when he eventually tired of her.

Maybe she'd resist, or he'd decide she wasn't quite compliant enough. Maybe she'd cooperate and he'd decide to eat her anyway, because he wasn't a nice fox.  In that case, well, his handlers knew him well. Everything she wore would either dissolve along with its owner or was small enough to make its way harmlessly through his digestive tract. Maybe the loop end of the leash would be the last thing hanging from his jaws before the final gulp, and all that would be left of his toy was a bulge and a belch.

Time would tell.[/i]
Renaud - the leash (sketch)
"It's better than the alternatives."

This pic happened because of a conversation with an artist friend who likes the big asshole fox.  He helped me fix some anatomy problems with Renaud's apparent plaything.
Raccoon and man color (color)
The man would very much like to get back out of the raccoon the same way he got in.  The raccoon thinks he should hang around for a nice long session of digestion.  The raccoon appears to be on the winning side of the argument.  83
Raccoon and man (sketch)
A rather fat raccoon and a man have a bit of a disagreement as to where the man should spend the evening.  One or two more gulps and I think the raccoon's point of view will win out.
Armored Yao Guai color
Yao guai are horrible looking things.  This picture doesn't do them justice.  They are covered with sores and what looks like decaying flesh.  They still go on about their business eating people and making more yao guai, and there's some suggestion they are extremely long lived (200 years+). So partial ghoulification seems to have worked out better for them than it did human ghouls in Fallout.

I still like them.  Earlier I was pushing one around (I have the Animal Friend perk so they are neutral to me) in the hopes it would eat a random encounter NPC I didn't like.  83

Note: Several of the images in the series, including the first one, are X rated and thus cannot be posted here.  Don't click on the link if the thought of bunny penor or skunkiesnake naughty bits disturbs you.

Well, the full series so far.  I have at least three more images planned in this series.  Nyoka lucks out and gets to be in my longer image series because she is so easy to draw.  83
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I am a furry artist who found the community whilst in Alaska and now live in California. Had I found it years earlier I might be a happier person, but these days my life is the best it's ever been. I primarily focus on vore and zoo art, the latter of which of course will rarely appear here.

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Howdy! I've been a fan of yours for years, but have only recently started to explore the furry fandom myself. You are very talented, and your art has always made me laugh and smile. I find your vore art very sexy!
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Thank you.  It's always nice to hear from a fan.
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I did not know you were over here as well
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I should have changed my name here years ago, but I kept " Greedywoozle" for sentimental reasons.
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Oh okay its just I didn't expect you to be here as well
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Uvuzi Pixels (Animated) by PieMan24601
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