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Hialfi and the werewolves (color) by Greedywoozle
Hialfi and the werewolves (color)
Isn't that just the way?  You spend a year or two picking on the humorously short volpa who works at the leatherworker's, and the next thing you know he's suddenly an enormous foxtaur and the question foremost on your mind is "I wonder if my natural lycanthropic toughness will make me impossible to digest."

Considering the werewolves in question have never been heard from since, it apparently didn't.  Hialfi does feel bad about it, mind you, but that is small consolation when you're about to find out thing about a foxtaur's insides you didn't want to know.
Mirelle and the bunny (pencils) by Greedywoozle
Mirelle and the bunny (pencils)
A very nervous bunny struggles in the grip of Mirelle the anthro-wolverine, worried (and with good reason) that she's about to hug him with her esophagus.

It's been a while since I had a female character who would force a male to have sex with her and then eat him.  Mirelle seems well suited for that and we'll probably see another picture of her and the bunny.

Despite appearances, Mirelle is only a few inches over 5 feet tall but is very stocky and strong.  She's going to be Santa Binky's fourth assistant and is the wolverine we saw getting it on with the polar bear in another recent pencil piece. She's not a gul, but is an anthro animal from my "polar bears are intelligent" Earth setting.
Coontruck (color) by Greedywoozle
Coontruck (color)
The introduction of the "Coontruck" garbage collection system was a disaster.  Programmed to act more or less like real raccoons (and, rumor has it, controlled by actual raccoon brains implanted in the machines), it took very little time for the four operational Coontrucks to decide that slow moving humans counted as garbage.

With disturbing cleverness the coontrucks plucked sleeping people out of houses through open windows, crept up on homeless camps on their rubber-soled paws, and sometimes merely stood immobile until the curious and unwary, thinking the metal behemoths were sculptures, ventured within reach.

Over a hundred people were swallowed alive and digested by the Coontruck recycling systems.  In at least one case an entire car with multiple passengers was swallowed whole, the metal of the car surviving the digestive process though little else did.

The devices weren't so much out of control as misprogrammed, but the public outcry caused the program to come to an end after only one night.

It was not all in vain, though.  Though the program was tainted in the eves of the public, the military saw...possibilities.
Coontruck (sketch) by Greedywoozle
Coontruck (sketch)
It seemed like a good idea at the time.  Build robotic raccoons the size of garbage trucks that function -as- garbage trucks.  Built-in chemical digesters both process the trash and provide much of the operating power, allowing a truck-coon to operate all night and return to base with the indigestibles -- largely recyclable metal - stored in its belly.

When they programmed them, it seemed intuitive to give them the scavenging habits of real raccoons.  They failed to consider how very omnivorous the procyonids are.  It didn't take long before there was more than garbage on the menu.  Stray dogs, entire cars (occupied or not), homeless was not a good start for the program.
At the pawn shop (sketch) by Greedywoozle
At the pawn shop (sketch)
Boris knows what's up.

Laesd helped tweak this one, as he often does.  It'll get colored at some point.

And before you ask, no, Uvuzi isn't going to eat him.  Good fences are hard to find.

Note: Several of the images in the series, including the first one, are X rated and thus cannot be posted here.  Don't click on the link if the thought of bunny penor or skunkiesnake naughty bits disturbs you.

Well, the full series so far.  I have at least three more images planned in this series.  Nyoka lucks out and gets to be in my longer image series because she is so easy to draw.  83
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I am a furry artist who found the community whilst in Alaska and now live in California. Had I found it years earlier I might be a happier person, but these days my life is the best it's ever been. I primarily focus on vore and zoo art, the latter of which of course will rarely appear here.

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I think you should make some albums for your art, as an example
It would be really good feature for your fans. 
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I have my art sorted by year on Eka's Portal, but everywhere else it's just chronological.  Not a bad idea, though.
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your a sick freak........I LOVE IT!*Free Icon/Emote* Ramen Pusheen 
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Sometimes, but my schedule is pretty full right now.
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Greedywoozle! Can you try to make an art of me being swallowed by godzilla and showing me in his stomach, Oh and im a carnotaurus shrinked, so dont juge me,
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Some funny work you have here!:D
Greedywoozle Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you.  My really dirty stuff doesn't meet the content guidelines here, so it's my lighter (and perhaps funnier) stuff that gets posted.
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