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deviation in storage by AngryGulo


Uvuzi - the pardon (sketch)
Monstertown (formally, Greyston) has an unusual system of legal penalties, ranging from fines, to indentured servitude, to slavery (for however long the magistrate deems), and ultimately, there are various sorts of execution.

Low-escape-risk criminals who are condemned to die are sold at the "Meat market". (Powerful adventurers and the like would just escape, so they aren't low risk.) If you buy someone there you are obligated to see them dead within three days - but how they die is entirely up to you. It's perfectly legal to eat someone you buy there and it's the chief way the city's man-eaters get their meals.

It's difficult to get out of the sentence once you're condemned to be sent there, but pardons are occasionally bought...too late, in this case.
Bobby's effort to interest the young bear in play didn't turn out at all the way he planned, but at least it ended up being an educational experience for both of them.

Bobby learned all sorts of interesting things about a bear's digestive tract, and the bear learned that if you aren't a dragon who can process just about anything, you really ought to strip you meals of things like clothes and shoes before you eat them.  If you don't, better hope you have an educated stomach that hangs onto them so you can cough them back up.  The alternative may be a visit to the vet, if you happen to know one who won't ask awkward questions about why a tennis shoe is lodged in your intestine.


I've been a bit sick for several days and only now am recovered enough to draw.  The result is an unimaginative theme but at least the coloring turned out OK.
Stupid short legs 4 by Greedywoozle
Stupid short legs 4
After renting him a second time and once more "riding" him in ways his previous riders hadn't, the Hestan cat-woman offered to buy him from his master.  Bartleby wasn't sure how he felt about that, but he supposed there were worse fates.

(You may notice the series jumps from 2 to 4.  That's because the "riding" that happened in -3 doesn't meet DA content guidelines.)

Note: Several of the images in the series, including the first one, are X rated and thus cannot be posted here.  Don't click on the link if the thought of bunny penor or skunkiesnake naughty bits disturbs you.

Well, the full series so far.  I have at least three more images planned in this series.  Nyoka lucks out and gets to be in my longer image series because she is so easy to draw.  83
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I am a furry artist who found the community whilst in Alaska and now live in California. Had I found it years earlier I might be a happier person, but these days my life is the best it's ever been. I primarily focus on vore and zoo art, the latter of which of course will rarely appear here.

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